Spiidi neuer Ansager bei mousesports

30.01.2017 23:25

imageSeit der Ankündigung des Weggangs von Chris ‚chrisJ‘ de Jong wurden viele Fragen darüber laut, warum gerade der Holländer das Lineup von mousesports verlassen müsse, obwohl er in der jüngsten Vergangenheit der zweitstärkste Spieler bei den Mäusen war. Das Problem schien stattdessen für viele eher die Leistungen der beiden Deutschen im Lineup, Timo ‚Spiidi‘ Richter und Denis ‚denis‘ Howell, zu sein. In einem Twitlonger hat sich Nikola ‚NiKo‘ Kovac nun zum Weggang des langjährigen AWP-Spielers und der angekündigten Rückkehr von Tomáš ‚oskar‘ Štastný ins aktive Lineup geäußert. Darin ließ er unter anderem verlauten, dass er von seinen IGL-Pflichten etwas Abstand nehmen werde und Timo ‚Spiidi‘ Richter diese von nun an übernimmt.

I know that it is a big surprise for you that we replaced Chris „chrisJ“
de Jong with Tomáš „Oskar“ Š?astný since he was 2nd best rated player
in our team and a long time member of mousesports. But you also have to
understand us, we obviously have our reasons why we did this, which we
can’t obviously share with you guys. What I can say to you is that, I’m
gonna do everything what I can to make this team better. We are gonna
try some new things, which I hope it will work out. I will not be our
In-Game Leader anymore and hopefully it will boost our game. Timo
‚Spiidi‘ Richter will take it over with help from me and our coach. We
will do whatever it’s needed and possible to make better results in our
future. In the end, what should sound reasonable for you is that, we
changed AWP Player for another AWP. All I ask from you guys is, patience
and not so much hate towards us, we are not going through easy time
either as you might think, especially after this decision which we made,
Chris „chrisJ“ de Jong been my longest teammate in this team and one of
the best persons I’ve met out there and I respect him even more now how
he handled and took this situation, I wish him more than best of luck
in his future. Please, welcome to our new/old teammate Tomáš „Oskar“
Š?astný. Thanks for the support <3

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