Heroic: Team X gründet eigene Marke

26.08.2016 15:27

imageDas Lineup von Team X hat eine eigene Marke gegründet. Das verkündete der dänisch-schwedische Mix auf der neuen Webseite. Die Spieler um Michael ‚Friis‘ Jørgensen folgen mit ihrer Idee, welche den Namen Heroic trägt, unter anderem den Vorreitern von Astralis, wo alle Spieler ebenfalls als Teilinhaber der eigenen Organisation eingetragen sind. Das Herioc-Quintett spielt bei der aktuellen Saison der ESL Pro League mit und qualifizierte sich auch für die DreamHack Bukarest. Den ersten Auftritt unter neuem Namen gibt es am aktuellen Wochenende bei der POWERLan in Dänemark.

Statement zur Heroic-Gründung:

Today we are proud to announce the creation of our very own brand, Heroic.

Since the core of our team’s departure from SK, we have been focused on finding the correct mix of five players, that could carry our ambition to prove ourselves among the worlds best. Now, we believe we have finally found exactly that and our results are a clear indication that we are on the right path.

With the lineup settled and proven, the next step is moving on from our temporary name – Team X. We have all spent multiple years in the Counter-Strike game, across many teams and brands and we are extremely excited to finally be able to call ourselves co-owners of Heroic. We believe that the time has never been more right to take this step and we have never been more motivated to make this a global esports success. We will soon be announcing the partners who have helped make Heroic a reality.

We hope that all our fans will follow us on this journey and that we will welcome many new ones on board over the coming months. You can catch us playing live this weekend from the POWERLan in Denmark, where you will see the Heroic logo on our jerseys for the very first time.

For any interested partners, sponsors or anything related, please feel free to reach out to us on contact@heroic.gg
Michael, Lukas, Valdemar, Marco & Andreas

Lineup Heroic
Flagge Michael ‚Friis‘ Jørgensen
Flagge Andreas ‚MODDII‘ Fridh
Flagge Marco ‚Snappi‘ Pfeiffer
Flagge Lukas ‚gla1ve‘ Rossander
Flagge Valdemar ‚valde‘ Bjørn Vangså

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