es3tag: I’ll try to come up with a lot of ideas

08.07.2017 16:07

imageHeroic didn’t manage to reach the playoffs of ESL One Cologne, but the perfomance of the scandinavian mix was promising. escene met their newest addition Patrick ‚es3tag‘ Hansen, who joined in june after the release of Valdemar ‚valde‘ Bjorn Vangsa. He talked about Heroics perfomance, the swiss format and his role for the team.

Die Berichterstattung zur ESL One Cologne 2017 wird prĂ€sentiert von be quiet!

escene: Let’s talk about the group stage. You had a heavy matchup against FaZe, Fnatic, and North. What do you think about these games?
Patrick ‚es3tag‘ Hansen: I was really excited, because it was my debut for Heroic. It was a huge tournament and we’re facing number two of the world. It was definitly scary. Overall I’m happy about my team’s performance and not so happy about my own. I feel like I could be better. But getting to 30 rounds against FaZe is okay. Our fnatic match just fell through. That match against VP was good and North fell through. The only matches I’m okay with are FaZe and VP.

With that in mind, say something about the swiss system.
Swiss format is cool, but if you get the matchups we did, you kind of hate life. (laughing) We were 0-2 and meeting VP…. What the hell. We were 0-1 and meeting Fnatic. And they were insane on mirage. First game againt FaZe is something different. But I don’t know if any of the other formats is better. Maybe GSL with an elimination match which would lead into a lot of games. I don’t know tournaments have time for that. 

I think, it was quite surprising you beat VP. They didn’t even get into double-digits. What are your thoughts on this result?

I mean, VP is really good on the right day. They are a strong team, that work hard and show new innovativs strats all the time. Obviously it’s always scary to meet them, because sometimes their ideas are insane and you don’t know what to do against them. But at their current form and despite they aren’t bootcamping before the major and ESL One, I feel like we were the favorites going into it. Our team was really confident based on the matches against FaZe. We played VP on cobble and our cobble is just hit and miss. That day it was really hit. We were just happy with what we were doing. 

You are the new guy at Heroic. Did you get nervous with those matchups and the chance to play in a big arena? 
I got sort of nervous before the game, but when I’m ingame and you are getting the kills, the nerves disappear. You are in the zone and all that counts is giving good information, calling good strats and shooting the heads. 

What can you add to the team?
I think of myself like a bouncer, that Snappi can use. Me and him bounce strats back and forth. And other than that I’m there for doing frags, keeping the positivity up and perhaps talk a lot more than other players we have. I’ll try to come up with a lot of ideas, like saying when there is a good spawn or pointing out, that our opponent is repeating some stuff, so we can call it out. I have a lot of ideas ingame and outside the game. 

Did you add something to Heroic, that was missing in the recent months?

It feels like, the positivity and the vibe was missing. Beforehand there was lacking team chemistry. That was probably the biggest problem, so now things are on track. 

You don’t attend to the major, What are the plans for that period of time?
This july we’re packed. I don’t know about the future. We have DreamHack Valencia coming up, then DreamHack Atlanta and the Qualifier for DreamHack Malmo in the couple of days. These are the three things we want to do well.